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Five Tips for Women Relaunching Their Career

If you’ve had to leave the workforce for any of a myriad of reasons – such as to care for children learning from home or for older members of the family – you’ve probably experienced firsthand how much losing that income can impact your finances. While the prospect of returning to work might seem daunting, many people are using this opportunity to start an entirely new career. Baird Women Advisors, a network of female Financial Advisors at Baird, offers five tips for those thinking about heading back to work.

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Protecting the Nest Egg After You’re on Your Own

Women who have meticulously planned for their retirement may still fear what will happen to those plans if they lose their spouse, either through divorce or death. Income you expected to have as a couple may not be there – or may be significantly lower – once you’re on your own. No matter how careful and complete your plans are, they’ll change if you lose your spouse.

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